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Finish with the Right Stuff is a free NSW Health program that helps junior sports clubs to promote water as the drink of choice and provide healthy food options to children and patrons.


Kids need the right fuel to perform at their best and stay healthy. After the game is over, all their hard work can be undone by loading up on unhealthy food and drink. It’s important that sports canteens offer the right stuff for kids to finish the game strong. This gives their body the best chance of recovering and powering through the day. It also helps kids build healthy habits for life.


We understand that changes to your club need to be quick and practical, without affecting club profits! We provide clubs with:
• Custom support from program staff
• Online training with practical tools and tips
• Resources and merchandise



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You can directly reach us at or through our website.

Club Testimonials


Charlestown Netball Association – club volunteer

“We thought this [Finish with the Right Stuff] would fit really nicely with Netball… We have always encouraged our representative teams to finish with the right stuff – with water and stuff like that.

But we had never actually promoted this to our Saturday girls that play competition every week. That was three years ago and we introduced water, fruit, and slowly introduced other bits and pieces like popcorn.”


Wollondilly Redbacks AFL – Tracey (Club President)

“Finish with the Right Stuff program gave our committee the confidence to implement changes that we all knew were beneficial for the kids playing our sport… Parents knew it was educated and researched information we were giving them from a professional organisation and not just the committee's personal biases.”


Wallsend CRL - Lydia (Parent and Coach)

“It’s been a fantastic program, watching this club transitioning over the past three seasons, moving from lollies and actually transitioning the club into having water, focusing on water straight after play, having tubs of fruit and yoghurt. So really just engaging our children’s education from an early age.”


Finish with the Right Stuff has partnered with CRL, AFL and Netball NSW

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