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Go4Fun is a free healthy lifestyle program for children aged 7 to 13 who are above a healthy weight and their families. The program aims to improve eating habits, health, fitness and self-esteem. The program has been adapted for the Australian context from the MEND program (which stands for Mind, Exercise, Nutrition… Do it! ) originally developed in the United Kingdom.

Go4Fun is multidisciplinary; incorporating family involvement, practical education in nutrition and diet, increasing physical activity and behaviour change

In 2014, the Office of Preventive Health conducted a randomised control trial to determine the effectiveness of a once per week delivery model against the existing twice per week model. The trial found the once per week model to be equally effective in improving weight and behavioural outcomes in children and is now the standard model of delivery in NSW.

The program involves 10 two hour sessions, which run weekly in parallel with the school term. Sessions are delivered by trained health and community professionals.

Since July 2011, over 1,300 programs have been delivered and have engaged more than 13,000 families across NSW.

Aboriginal Go4Fun and Go4Fun Online have been developed to improve access for priority population groups. Aboriginal Go4Fun is a culturally adapted version of Go4Fun that has been tailored especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families. Go4Fun Online is designed for families who are unable to attend a face-to-face program and is delivered flexibly with online activities, resources and phone based health coaching.

Go4Fun Evidence and Evaluation Summary

This report summarises and showcases the reach and implementation of Go4Fun across NSW over the last 4 years. For the period July 2011 – June 2015 6,288 eligible children and their families have participated in Go4Fun, with approximately 80% (5,925) of participants completing the program. Participants who completed Go4Fun showed improvements in weight and body composition, nutrition related behaviours, physical activity related behaviours, cardiovascular fitness and self-esteem.


Children who participate in Go4Fun achieve positive outcomes which include:

• 1.2 cm reduction in waist circumference
• 0.5kg/m² reduction in Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Increase in physical activity per week
• Decrease in sedentary activity
• Increase in fruit and vegetable consumption
• Decrease in sweet drink consumption

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