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 Below are documents linked to the Healthy Children Initiative Equity tool. The links on some of the resources may not exist, however the principles of equity still work in Health Promotion practice.

 Four Steps Towards Equity - a Tool for Health Promotion Practice


Healthy Children Initiative Equity Toolkit

Equitable access and participation is a critical consideration for the fair, universal delivery of Healthy Children Initiative (HCI) programs across NSW. A consensus generation process (Delphi process)was undertaken to identify stakeholder views on equity issues relevant to HCI and develop a toolkit to guide program activity.

Participants identified a need for an HCI Equity Toolkit. This toolkit provides guidance on embedding agreed principles of equity in HCI program planning and delivery to ensure that priority groups, identified through this process, are targeted in order to increase access to and participation in HCI programs. Principles include identifying barriers to access, tailoring programs, building sustainability and monitoring by accessibility for priority groups.

Application of the HCI Equity Toolkit will strengthen the ability of HCI programs to meet the needs of priority groups by enhancing tailored implementation and contribute to a strategic consideration of local population needs.




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