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Munch & Move

The Munch & Move program offers free professional development training, resources and ongoing support to NSW early childhood educators, to promote and encourage healthy eating and physical activity habits and reduce screen recreation in young children aged birth to 5 years attending early childhood education and care (ECEC) services.

The program aligns with the ECEC sector’s National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning Framework.

Munch & Move is based on six evidence based, health promoting key messages:

1. Eat more fruit and vegetables
2. Choose healthier snacks
3. Choose water as a drink
4. Encourage and support breastfeeding
5. Get active each day
6. Turn off the screen and get active

For more information on Munch & Move, and to access program resources and training, please visit Healthy Kids.



Munch & Move Program Reach

As of 30 June 2019, 88% (3,464/3,954) of centre-based ECEC services and 55% (91/165) of family day care service providers across NSW are participating in the program.

Implementation of the Munch & Move program is monitored through program adoption indicators (also known as practices). As of 30 June 2019:

  • 93% of centre-based services provide positive healthy eating environments
  • 91% of family day care service providers ensure educators provide daily supervised floor-based play for babies
  • 93% of centre-based services provide supportive physical activity environments
  • 93% of family day care service providers ensure educators have access to suitable physical activity equipment
  • 86% of centre-based services’ use of screen recreation is appropriate for all children.

Munch & Move Healthy Menu Planning Evaluation Report

The Munch & Move Healthy Menu Planning Workshops were evaluated by Kantar Public to determine whether the desired Learning Objectives and Outcomes of the workshop were being met. In addition the evaluation sought to better understand whether healthy menu changes had been applied or considered, the enablers and barriers to do this as well as workshop quality improvement ideas from service cooks. The evaluation report details the process undertaken and reported results such as an:
     - Increased perceived importance of providing healthy menus
     - Increased knowledge, understanding and skills regarding healthy menu planning
     - Increased awareness and knowledge of tools and resources
     - Increased confidence in ability to plan healthy menus
     - Increased intention to make changes to their service menu
     - Evidence of short term menu or behavioural changes.

Munch & Move Evidence and Evaluation Summary

This report summarises and showcases the reach and implementation of the Munch & Move program across NSW over its first 7 years. In 2015, 89% of ECEC services had trained in the Munch & Move program, with a higher proportion of preschools and long day care services (91% and 90% respectively) compared to occasional care services (79%). There was also a significant increase in the proportion of ECEC services that had implemented 70% or more of the program practices; in 2012 the total for NSW was 36% and by 2015 this had increased to 78%.


 Munch & Move  Family Day Care Evaluation Report August 2019

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